Pride of Guernsey: Tom Eisenhuth

FESTIVAL OF CRICKET organiser and teacher Tom Eisenhuth has been nominated for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year Award for his dedication to sport and students at Elizabeth College.

His nominator, Edmund Hartley, regaled stories of days Mr Eisenhuth has spent organising, accompanying and managing students – taking up all hours.

‘It is extremely rare to see him relaxing, and after a game against a touring team, I came to support yet another game College was playing. All day I had seen him driving around in the school bus, going from game to game, umpiring, cooking and managing a team arriving and another team leaving.

‘He sat down at 6pm and said, “first sit-down of the day”. After a minute, he was gone again.’

The Festival of Cricket brings three UK schools together and allows all teams and years to play against experienced sides to improve their skills.

Although cricket appears to be his chosen sport, Mr Hartley praised the teacher for his work with all students and their specific sports.

‘Mr Eisenhuth has, consistently and without complaint, helped hundreds of schoolboys, enabling them to play and practise their chosen sports.’