Pride of Guernsey: 'A rock for me and my family'

A MEMBER of the team at Bulstrode House deserves to be crowned Angel of the Year after acting as one patient’s ‘rock’ since last November.

Her nominator, Beryl Williams, believes Moyra Grant should win the Ravenscroft-sponsored award because she goes above and beyond to help her patients.

‘I feel that Moyra deserves to be Angel of the Year 2017, because after I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November last year she has been a rock for me and my family.

‘Nothing is too much trouble, she will go out of her way to help in whatever way she can, be it advice, helping with prescriptions, support or just encouragement.

‘She always wears a smile and cheers me up every time I see her.’

Beryl repeatedly highlights how wonderful Mrs Grant is as she writes, ‘she is very caring, professional, supportive and above all a wonderful person.

‘I truly feel that she should be recognised for what she does, as I am sure that she does the same for all of her other patients she sees. She is a truly wonderful lady’.