Pride of Guernsey: 'He makes it my venue of choice'

ROBERT STEEN ‘bends over backwards’ to make people feel welcome at Les Cotils.

Mr Steen, who is the hospitality manager at Les Cotils, has been nominated for the 2017 Welcome of the Year Award by Janine Le Sauvage.

She said she was ‘very proud’ to know him and had known him for many years.

Ms Le Sauvage believed he was worthy of the Cimandis Foodservice award because he is so helpful.

She was full of praise for him and the efforts he always went to to make people feel welcome and to help.

‘He is a very good host and is very dedicated.

‘I have had lunches, birthday parties and friends staying at Les Cotils and it is Robert and his staff that make this my venue of choice,’ she said.

‘He is a great ambassador for Guernsey and works so hard and is a credit to this island.’

Ms Le Sauvage said her 70th birthday celebrations were at Les Cotils and about eight of her friends came over from the UK.

‘They stayed there and had a lovely time.’