Diversity and Inclusion: James Ferbrache

CARING for hundreds of students to ensure they are included and supported is taken in teacher James Ferbrache’s stride.

CARING for hundreds of students to ensure they are included and supported is taken in teacher James Ferbrache’s stride.

In some circumstances school can pose a barrier to children achieving their full potential.

But with a bit of support, children who have additional challenges at school can shine and excel. 

His nominator for the RBC and Liberate-sponsored Diversity and Inclusion award, Claire Fisher, said: ‘My son struggles at school and has done for years. James has never given up on him, or the hundreds of other students under his care.’

Teachers owe a duty of care to students, but Mr Ferbrache voluntarily exceeds the expectations of his duties. 

‘He goes above and beyond, is always contactable and brilliant at communicating with parents who are feeling helpless.’

With a small team, Mr Ferbrache manages the role of inclusion champion at St Sampson’s High School. 

By liaising with support agencies, a best practice for each student is found to negotiate what teaching methods and structures work best. 

‘James and his small team are assets to the school and strive to include vulnerable children and those who just don’t quite fit in the box.

‘If children are struggling it can make them feel hopeless and school feel pointless. 

‘They are always finding other ways to make them feel included and purposeful.’ 

Encouragement strengthens students and fortifies them to achieve a fulfilling education.

‘Without James and his team, my child would likely not be receiving an education now.’ 

Both Mr Ferbrache and Vicky Falla work in roles which mentor inclusion and safeguard children, leading the school to continually become a better environment. 

‘I am so very grateful to him and Vicky Falla for their never-ending patience and genuine care.’

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