Customer Service of the Year: Ezra Le Page

WARMLY welcoming customers with a smile and putting people’s minds at ease is Ezra Le Page.

WARMLY welcoming customers with a smile and putting people’s minds at ease is Ezra Le Page. 

As a dispenser at the St Peter Port Boots pharmacy, he has worked throughout lockdown with no fuss. 

Challenging times proved to be no trouble for Ezra, who has helped colleagues and customers alike throughout the Covid-19 ordeal. 

His nominator for the Cherry Godfrey-sponsored Customer Service of the Year award, Emma Le Cheminant, said: ‘Of course during lockdown he continued going into work, sometimes barely getting a day off or even a lunch hour, doing his utmost to provide excellent service, and nothing has ever been too much trouble.

‘He’s a great team player, helping his colleagues where possible and I love being served by him.’

Whilst going through a great deal in private, in his professional role his customers were always his primary concern. 

‘I’m so proud Ezra has the confidence to be going into work every day while on the front line. Especially throughout lockdown, which was hard times for everyone, but he just didn’t seem to show stress or worry at all despite feeling it. He shows just how much he cares for others through his sheer hard work.’ 

With excellent communication skills, Ezra explains everything clearly.

If a product is not stocked or a service is unavailable he signposts customers to somewhere which can help. 

‘Ezra always seems to have a smile on his face. He has a really gentle nature about him and puts customers at ease. Whenever I go in it’s just lovely, I feel so welcome. I never went to Boots much beforehand but thought to give it a go and now always go in knowing Ezra is there.’