Teacher of the Year: Savannah King

SAVANNAH KING, who works as a learning support mentor as part of the behaviour team at St Sampson’s High School, has been put forward for the award by two students, Codie Le Flem and Jake Le Flem.


NOMINATED for the HSBC-sponsored Teacher of the Year award, Savannah King has been praised for her listening ear and always making the time to be there for pupils no matter what.

Codie, 15, said: ‘I think that Savannah deserves the award because she helped me when I was at my lowest.

‘I struggled with mental health problems and she was always there to help.

‘I wasn’t getting on very well at school and my behaviour wasn’t the best, but she’s helped me get back into my lessons and catch up with my GCSE coursework and also enrolled me into a Level 1 finance course to help me in the future.’

She added that not only had Miss King helped her academically but personally too.

‘She has also attended doctors, youth commission and CAMHS [Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service] appointments to offer me more help and support,’ she said.

‘I genuinely don’t think that I would be here right now if I didn’t have her help.

‘She does so much for me and I appreciate all the things she does – she is the reason I’m doing better and the reason why I go to school.’

Cousin Jake, 14, believed Miss King deserved the award because she always helps her students.

‘She always makes time to listen to us and help in whatever way she can,’ he said.

‘Savannah helped me during lockdown to stay up-to-date with my school work.

‘[She] has also volunteered her time up in the summer holidays to keep in contact with a number of students to ensure they are OK.’