Pride of Guernsey: Care and support staff at La Nouvelle Maraitaine

THE CARE and support staff at La Nouvelle Maraitaine Extra Care have been nominated for the Specsavers-backed Carer of the Year award by an anonymous nominator who praised the way they work tirelessly to offer a professional and safe environment for tenants living in the scheme.

La Nouvelle Maraitaine is a housing scheme where residents have a range of care and support services delivered to their door from the on-site team, as well as many on-site facilities such as a hairdressers, assisted bathing facilities and restaurants.
‘They go above and beyond the call of duty,’ the nominator said. ‘The care and support staff often work extra and long hours to provide a balance of support and independence.
‘Many of the staff have supported the management team through the stressful transition from residential care, being instrumental to the high standard of care provision which we now see and that the island of Guernsey can be proud of.’