Pride of Guernsey: Jenny and Mark Hooper

JENNY and Mark Hooper work tirelessly for others as well as their own, according to their friend, Karen Langlois.

‘They have a daughter, Abigail, aged 23, who has Rett Syndrome,’ she said.
‘She has no speech, no communication and needs 24-hour care. She is mobile but does use a wheelchair at times. This couple have devoted their life to Abigail and also to the lives of others with disabled children. Jenny set up Wigwam and has helped on other disability charities too.’
They also adopted two boys, who are now grown up, and gave them a good family life.
Mrs Langlois said Mrs Hooper was involved with Eldad Elim Church and ran a women’s group there. She also worked part-time at Pre-School Duval.
‘Her mother died suddenly, which knocked her for six, and now she also looks after her father,’ said Mrs Langlois.
‘They are always available to others, whether people are disabled or not and she is a good friend to me.’