Pride of Guernsey: Bethany Nicholson

BETHANY NICHOLSON has accepted her difficulties and used her experiences to help inspire and support others, her nominator for the Overcoming Adversity award has said.

Miss Nicholson has been put forward by Caroline McManus for the Close Finance-sponsored award.
‘Bee [Bethany’s nickname] has overcome a leaky heart since birth, severe anxiety, chronic fatigue developed during Year 12 and even dyslexia, discovered when already at university,’ wrote Mrs McManus.
‘She expects to graduate with a very good degree in geography from Winchester University, the first child in her family to access higher education.’
Recently, Miss Nicholson has been volunteering in Tanzania for the Tumaini Fund.
‘This required overcoming her fear of injections, dealing with anxiety over flying and raising a significant sum of money,’ said Mrs McManus.
‘At university, Bee is a student ambassador, utilising skills she has learnt to help her to deal with her anxiety. She uses her own experiences to help other overcome theirs.’
Bee has also been an active member of a support group for families with anxious children.
‘Whilst at school she gave talks to the younger pupils about coping strategies. She now mentors other students at university and is the elected representative of geography students in discussions with the staff.
‘She visits Guernsey schools encouraging pupils to consider university, highlighting the ways in which difficulties can be overcome and the kind of support that can be accessed in order to make this possibility a reality,’ said Mrs McManus.
‘Bee would say that she could not be where she is today without the help of a number of people, but I believe she achieves because she acknowledges her difficulties, seeks help, and accepts assistance, always keeping a smile on her face.’