Pride of Guernsey: Greg Martin

A HIGHLY motivated medical technician has been nominated in the Emergency Hero category of the Pride of Guernsey awards, an award sponsored by Rossborough Insurance.

Greg Martin only recently completed his training, St John Emergency Ambulance Service chief officer Ali Marquis said.
‘Greg is professional and caring in his treatment of patients and as a result he is highly appreciated by the islanders he has helped,’ she said.
‘During 2017 Greg received the highest number of letters of thanks and appreciations from patients. He is regularly complimented on his kindness, sensitivity and professional care. He takes time to explain things to patients and has the knowledge to put things across in comprehensive yet simple way. Some of the words used by patients to describe his work include fantastic, excellent and reassuring. His approach when dealing with end of life care has also been called considerate and compassionate.’
Greg has also been dedicated to his clinical studies, spending hours reading and doing research, Ms Marquis said.
Having undertaken his initial training in the UK in 2017 he has now successfully completed the required on the road experience and has recently fully qualified as an emergency medical technician.
‘It is clear from his enthusiasm and work ethic that Greg loves his job,’ she said.
Greg joined the St John Emergency Ambulance Service as an ambulance care assistant working on the patient transport service, taking people to and from hospital for appointments and renal treatment. He then became an emergency care assistant before progressing to the role of EMT. Greg is also a volunteer community first responder, answering life-threatening calls in his vicinity when he is off duty.