Pride of Guernsey: David Jehan

DAVID JEHAN has been ‘incredibly fantastic’ when caring for his wife for the past seven and a half years.

He has been nominated for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year award by his wife Anne, who suffered a serious fall that left her with a fractured skull and a brain injury.
‘The paramedics who came almost immediately told my husband they did not expect me to survive,’ Anne said.
‘My husband David stayed with me in my stay and flight to Southampton General Hospital, the flight back to Guernsey and my stay for nearly two years in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.’
Anne was unconscious for 18 months of her time at the PEH.
‘He helped me considerably on my return home as I was physically disabled, using initially a wheelchair, a wheelie and then sticks.
‘I still have a physically disabled sticker, enabling him to park in the appropriate places with the car.’
As a result of her fall Anne has permanent peripheral eyesight, meaning David has to drive and care for her.
‘If he has to leave for a short time, I wear a lifeline necklace,’ she said.
Anne has since recovered a great deal and is trying to be as independent as possible.
‘He has helped me to return to household chores such as ironing, bed making and cookery.’