Pride of Guernsey: Emily Litten and Jo Cottell

GIVING time, help and support to raise awareness of mental health, Emily Litten and Jo Cottell have been recognised for their dedication with a nomination for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year award.

The pair’s dedication to the charity Guernsey Mind has offered hope and inspiration to many in need on their roads to recovery, through training and advice about mental health as well as encouraging the development of self-help groups at the Lions Mind Centre.
Emily was appointed the charity’s first employee in 2010 and is currently working with the States to develop a broad range of community-based services by designing the implementation plan for the States of the Guernsey Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy.
Not only helping those who look for assistance from the charity, Jo has provided support, advice and guidance for employers and employees since 2015 when she joined Guernsey Mind.
Both nominees have been acknowledged for their inspiring and amazing work every single day.
‘Without Guernsey Mind, I wouldn’t be here today and wouldn’t be able to give back and help others [by being a volunteer],’ the anonymous nominator said.
‘They are such an important organisation that is needed and should be recognised.’