Pride of Guernsey: Dr Vicky Carre

A GP who loves her job ‘because it makes her happy to see people smile’ has been nominated for the Angel of the Year award.

And she has been put forward by someone with experience of working with medical practitioners herself, Janine Jacobson, who trained as a general nurse at Westminster and as a midwife at Kings’ College ‘in the “golden age” of the NHS when standards mattered’, she said in putting forward Dr Vicky Carre for the Ravenscroft-sponsored award.
‘Dr Carre is a GP who not only listens but hears,’ said Mrs Jacobson.
‘She has supported me through many health issues and has gone beyond the call of duty.
‘She has done what she can to research my particular problems, often in the evening’s family time.
‘Dr Carre deserves this award.’