Pride of Guernsey: Lydia Pugh

A LOCAL STAR of concert hall, music festivals and theatre, a performer, composer and teacher with an international reach, Lydia Pugh has been nominated for the Moonpig-sponsored Arts Contribution of the Year by Emily Nuttall.

‘My piano teacher for nearly three years, as part of the School of Popular Music, Lydia is an inspiration to all her students, including myself and many others.
‘She gives time, commitment and patience to everyone and everything and helps you to achieve to the best of your ability.’
Emily praised Lydia for working closely with her students and never giving up, even when sometimes they feel that they might want to.
‘She gives me strength to never give up. Even through the challenging times, Lydia is helping me to become a stronger and more determined pianist. To help me succeed, Lydia takes that driving strength with her through everything in her music and that for me is truly inspirational and commendable.
‘Lydia inspires the arts with her music, helping to ensure that the whole community feels connected and inspired by music.’