Pride of Guernsey: Claire Gray

A METICULOUSLY crafted model of a famous local landmark is the reason Claire Gray has been nominated for the Moonpig-sponsored Arts Contribution of the Year Award.

‘Claire has constructed, to her own design, the Little Chapel,’ explained Anne Mauger.
‘This project took two years to complete. The china detail is made of hundreds of broken egg shells, each minute piece painted by hand to replicate the traditional pieces of China used on the real Little Chapel. The ormer shells decorating the roof are actually seedling ormer shells and the chapel windows are designed and painted by Claire to perfect scale.
‘Hidden within the designs are signatures depicting Claire’s family members, including her father, who died some years ago.’
Anne said that Claire has had a passion for art all her life.
‘She made a doll’s house when she was a little girl and she has a great passion for the Little Chapel. I felt that this was truly the “pride of Guernsey”.’ Claire’s work can be seen at Martyn Guille Silversmiths.’