Celebrate your local heroes

PART of what makes Guernsey so great is our pride in our parishes. These mini communities within our wider island safeguard our identity and heritage and preserve a way of life we are still so fortunate to enjoy many generations later. Often it is key individuals who ensure these jewels in the island’s crown remain that way – that grass roots parish life continues to tick along as it has always done. They do so out of love for their area and usually with little or no recognition. This award aims to thank those who promote and protect our parishes.

A7 DESIGN feels privileged to be sponsoring the 2018 Parish Champion of the Year Award.
Guernsey is unique, full of inspiring islanders who often will undertake selfless deeds to help and assist their fellow donkeys without any hesitation.
Most of us Guernsey folk are really quite stubborn – (hence the donkey within all of us), stubborn because we are all passionate about our island.
Numerous islanders work tirelessly within their own parish to retain many of the old traditions, character and way of life, which within this ever-growing technological age is not an easy task, whether it be keeping the summer shows alive, ensuring the parishes remain floral and well maintained, keeping our beaches clean and tidy, or forming a support group within their parish to help those less fortunate, or perhaps even helping to prevent crime within their neighbourhood.
There are unsung local champions going above and beyond every single week, purely because they are true stubborn Guernsey donkeys, and more than anything, they are going to extreme lengths to keep our unique island as beautiful and as safe as it possibly can be, making our little rock a very special place to live.
A7 Design is a team of like-minded creative individuals and as a team we strive to inspire and enthuse our clients, ultimately resulting in imaginative yet practical design solutions.
We have some degree of responsibility in shaping the character and the evolving aesthetics of the built form across the island. We are, after all, developing inspiring homes and spaces for clients, so as creatives, why shouldn’t we be working within an equally inspiring environment – which, thanks to certain islanders, we are.
If you know of any individuals or even groups of islanders who deserve recognition for their efforts in improving our community, A7 Design would simply ask you to take a little bit of time out to nominate those who you believe have made a significant difference within your parish. 

André Bisson MCIAT, ACIOB
Director/Chartered Architectural Technologist