When it's time to step up ...

MANY islanders young or old are faced with challenges that can seem insurmountable, whether they be emotional or physical, mental or social. Often some people rise to the challenge and show a considerable personal strength and spirit that is both impressive and humbling to see. This award aims to celebrate their achievement of ‘the impossible’ and how in overcoming adversity they offer hope and inspiration to others in our community.

MOST of us will never know exactly how we’ll cope with adversity until we truly face it.
Through life we must deal with numerous challenges – whatever the shape or size, they require a great level of courage to overcome. Being able to stand up to adversity takes a special type of strength, though, and Close Finance is proud to be celebrating that strength by sponsoring this year’s Overcoming Adversity award again in the 2018 Pride of Guernsey Awards.
The award itself commends and celebrates the achievements of an individual who has succeeded against seemingly impossible odds and how their journey of overcoming adversity can provide our community with inspiration and a sense of hope.
There are so many people worthy of this award and we are sure you are lucky enough to know an extra-special person or two who displays an abundance of personal strength and spirit.
At Close Finance we like to think of ourselves as a people business, where our customers enjoy speaking directly to our local team and our team take the time to understand our customers and their borrowing needs throughout their lives. We proudly assist and support our clients, providing them with the help they need to overcome problems, and giving them the ability to transform their lives for the better.
Through our duties we believe we play a positive role in the community and this award gives us the opportunity to support Pride of Guernsey and ultimately the community, celebrating the many wonderful islanders among us and the great feats they have achieved.

Close Finance managing director Richard Briscoe