Where imagination is brought to life

OUR ISLANDS are a showcase for artistic talent and we boast a large and vibrant arts community, from musicians, actors and dancers to painters, sculptors, producers and directors. We continually punch above our weight in terms of that offering, some of which has brought us local, national and international acclaim. This award aims to acknowledge the role that the arts play and to recognise individuals who through their talent, time and dedication have contributed to making this sector such an invaluable asset to the community.

ONCE again Moonpig is delighted to sponsor the Pride of Guernsey Arts Contribution of the Year Award.
Here at Moonpig we see many different sides of the public’s creativity from all over the country.
Imaginations really come to life when it comes to birthdays and other special occasions.
Providing the facility to personalise cards and gifts allows us to tap into the amazing comedic talent that people have and we would like to expand this to recognise all other artistic talent, specifically here in Guernsey.
There’s something special in the Bailiwick that inspires levels of talent that exceed expectation. From music and theatre to the written word, sculpture and art, Guernsey is alive with fantastic talent and flair for all things creative.
Providing a launch pad for budding actors, dancers and musicians, to sharing and celebrating the world of literacy and art, we celebrate our vast artistic skills in numerous individual events and festivals throughout the year.
The Pride of Guernsey Arts Contribution of the Year Award seeks to combine and review all genres, all age groups, all talents to explore what brings such vibrancy to our beautiful island.
This is your opportunity to nominate those stars who shine brightly in our community – musicians, artists, actors, singers, dancers, sculptors – we have so many.
From individuals to groups, charities and clubs, the selection is endless.
Here at Moonpig we are really looking forward to seeing the nominations of those who deserve the recognition for arts contribution.
Alan Rimington, head of production, Guernsey, Moonpig