Pride of Guernsey: 'Flourished from streetĀ sports'

SPORTING TEENAGER Niks Zibens has impressed others with his encouraging attitude and ability to challenge himself.

The Sports Commission believes he deserves the Butterfield-sponsored Young Achiever of the Year Award for his approach to sport.

‘Niks is a regular attendant at one of our street sports sessions – he has been attending the session for about three-and-a-half years. Niks is always very enthusiastic and is keen to take part in any sport on offer during the sessions.

‘He is always very polite and has a good rapport with both staff and other young people at the session. He is great at getting other young people to join in and helps to support those who need a bit more encouragement.

‘Niks plays a lot of different sports for school and last year found one he loves – basketball. He rides his bicycle to training weekly and has said he would love to be playing in the Guernsey v Jersey inter-insular in future and possibly the Island Games.

‘Niks always has a positive attitude towards everything and is always willing to challenge himself. He is a positive role model to his peers and to younger participants.’